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Dennis Papenmeier has lived his entire life in Indiana, but has been moved by God to serve the refugee community in Indianapolis for nearly the past decade.  More recently, God has begun to open doors for him to serve the refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war by traveling to Mafraq Jordan to begin works as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at a school there.


When he graduated from college in 1989, he began to work for the municipal government of Indianapolis and spent 20 years there serving the residents of Indy in various capacities.  Service has always been a way of life for Dennis.  In 2012, God made it clear to him that the destiny God had for him was outside of Indiana, in fact outside of the US.  God began to introduce Dennis to the refugee population in Indianapolis and, over time, gave him a strong burden to tell the Muslim people of the Middle East about Jesus.


In the decade since God impressed the importance of Matthew 28:19 on Dennis’s heart, he has worked with refugees from all over the world and has begun to learn a great deal about the new culture into which he will immerse himself in August.